Perry William Kelly

B.A. LL. B.

Perry William Kelly

Perry William Kelly is a lawyer, author and consultant who for over the past twenty five years has worked in the Canadian criminal justice system.

He has written three books and over fifty articles on law enforcement tactics and martial arts for such prestigious magazines as the RCMP Gazette, Martial Arts Success, Martial Arts Professional, Martial Arts Experts, Ultimate Grappling and the American Society for Law Enforcement Trainers Trainer Magazine.

An internationally renowned educator, multi-discipline martial arts instructor (Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts, Fast Combatives, Shamrock Fighting) and certified law enforcement instructor-trainer he has taught students from all over the world.

Mr. Kelly has been retained as an expert witness by law firms across Canada.


Bachelor of Arts (with distinction)
Law and Sociology
St. Patrick's College
Carleton University

University of Ottawa

Called to the Bar of the Law Society of Upper Canada


Mr. Kelly has worked for twenty five years in the Canadian criminal justice system as a lawyer, investigator, law enforcement advisor, policy and learning strategy analyst, negotiator, executive and emergency response teams coordinator.


Mr. Kelly has lectured at universities, police academies and at officer safety use of force conferences across North America.

A complete curriculum vitae is available upon request.